Exam Study Guides


  • Account Clerk, Entry Level
  • Account Clerk, Senior & Principal 
  • Caseworker (& Trainee)
  • Clerk
  • Custodian (Entry-Level)
  • Custodian (High-Level)
  • Investigator (Non-Police)
  • Law Enforcement Officer (Entry Level)
  • Police Chief/Assistant Police Chief
  • Police Supervisors/Investigators
  • Probation Officer/Probation Officer Trainee
  • Public Health Technician
  • School Secretary
  • Secretary I & II
  • Telephone Operator
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator


The Subjects of Examination may appear to be somewhat general, and questions might seem broader in subject than you would expect. The exams given for competitive titles aren’t tailored to every candidate’s individual job duties. The objective is more about testing the candidate's knowledge and ability to learn the topics that the Civil Service Subject Matter Experts feel suit each title most appropriately.

Each exam announcement will have a list of what 'Subjects of Examination' that exam will consist of. Below are links to Study Guides for the most commonly utilized subjects.