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Access The Wyoming County Vendor Self Service Web Portal

Wyoming County is pleased to announce the implementation of Vendor Self Service, which grants online access to view 1099 data, as well as track payment processing and check issuance.  Vendors can also maintain and update general business information from this web portal.

To access these enhanced services and to remain an active vendor with the County, please click the register button below to complete the online registration process.  Services granted by this web portal will be available later this year.

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which W-9 form version is required during registration?
    OCTOBER 2018 W-9 form.
  • What vendor number do I use during registration?
    Leave the existing vendors area blank.  You should not enter any number in this field.  You will be assigned a new number after your registration is approved. 
  • Which Entity Code should I use during registration?
    All vendors must use Entity Code ‘1’ (one) during registration.
  • What Commodity Codes should I add during registration?
    Leave the commodity code area blank.  Wyoming County is not currently using these.
  • Is the system case-sensitive when typing?
    Please use ALL CAPS letters for all fields during registration and whenever updating your information.
  • Can I start the registration process now, but finish later?
    Your information is not saved until you reach the final step of the process.  It is recommended once you begin registration that you continue until it is complete and you receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • I am getting an unexpected error message when I attempt to register, what do I do?
    Google Chrome is the recommended web browser
    when accessing Vendor Self Service.  If you continue to get an error when using Chrome, please contact us at (585) 786-8812.

Registration Instructions

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By accessing the Vendor Self Service web portal, you agree to the  Wyoming County Vendor Self Service Acceptable Use Policy.