Emergency Response Team

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The Wyoming County Emergency Response Team includes three county wide specialized response teams.  

A Hazardous Materials team is responsible for responding to any chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear event in the county and is trained to the Level A Technician.  This team operates as part of the multi-county Hazardous Materials Consortium including Genesee, Orleans, Livingston and Monroe counties.  

The county High Angle Rope Rescue team is responsible for responding to various emergencies in which extricating a patient out of a creek, hill or even building is necessary.  This team works and trains closely with the New York State Parks Police out of Letchworth State Park.

A Ice/Water Rescue Team comprised on first responders from across the county are responsible for responses to incidents involving cold water incidents.  The team maintains a wide variety of rope and pulley systems, cold water suits, rescue sleds and a rescue boat.

Each of these teams is composed of first responders from across the county that work together to train and respond to a wide variety of emergencies.  The ERT responds to an average of 5 calls per year.

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