Naloxone Program

What is the Naloxone Program?

The Naloxone Program allows community members access to and allows for treatment of those that have overdosed on opioid drugs with the use of Naloxone (Narcan). The program is funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute.

The Wyoming County Public Health Department also has Fentanyl & Xylazine test strips available for free. Contact the Wyoming County Health Department if you are interested in receiving test strips. 

Opioid Use Impacts:

•      All socioeconomic 

•     All ages, all races, all sexes

•     All regions- urban, rural, and suburban

•     People who use opioids for pain control

•     Young people who are experimenting or have drug dependence

     Opioid abuse has become a public health epidemic. Call the Wyoming County Department of Health to schedule a confidential one-on-one training, and receive an Overdose Rescue Kit or fill out the online referral form below. Community and group trainings are also available.

Wyoming County Department of Health

5362 Mungers Mill Road

Silver Springs, NY  14550


Request A Naloxone Training

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  3. The Wyoming County Public Health Prevention Center offers Naloxone training right at your facility. The training will cover:

    • Signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose
    • Good Samaritan Law
    • Use of Narcan (Naloxone) to reverse an overdose
    • Reporting and follow up

    This training takes approximately 30 minutes. 

    Please complete the information below. Someone from the Wyoming County Public Health Department's Prevention Center will reach out to you by the next business day to set up a training.  

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