Planning & Development

The Wyoming County Department of Planning and Development (PD) functions to improve the quality of life for all County residents by coordinating two extremely important functions of County Government - planning and economic development. Although sometimes thought of as separate departments, in practice they often overlap.


Genesee Finger Lakes Clean Energy Communities Virtual 9 County-Hosted Training Event

The GFLPC is organizing training sessions relating the following:GFLRPC Logo

  1. PV Permitting and Inspecting 
  2. Overview of the Model Solar Energy Law
  3. Clean Energy and Comprehensive Plan 
  4. Overview of the Model Batter Energy Storage Law
  5. Battery Energy Storage for First Responders

These training sessions will have the latest and greatest information on solar/clean energy. These sessions benefit ZEOs, Planning Boards, and Town Board members. 

Wyoming County will be awarded CEC points applicable for future grants if there is a representation of at least ten towns represented at each of these events. 

Genesee Finger Lakes Clean Energy Communities Virtual 9 County-Hosted Training Event Flyer

TO REGISTER CLICK HERE:  Registration Link for Clean Energy Communities Virtual 9 County-Hosted Training Event


Curbside Collection - Waste Management

WM Residential Garbage Tote Image

Effective May 2, 2022, Waste Management will only collect garbage and recycling that is placed in the designated Waste Management totes provided to households in participating communities*.  To ensure collection, it’s always best to have materials out by 6 AM on your garbage day.  If a holiday occurs Monday through Friday, your garbage will be picked up one date late. However, if the holiday occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, your pickup day will not be affected. 

Curbside Collection Pickup Schedule Effective May 2, 2022

FAQ - Waste Management Curbside Collection

Waste Management Garbage and Recycling Guide

Waste Management Solid Waste Collection Guidelines

Freon Disposal Guidelines

COMPLAINTS:  If you have a curbside collection complaint, please complete this form and e-mail it to or mail it to the Wyoming County Planning Department:  Waste Management Complaint Form.  The Wyoming County Planning Department can also be reached at 585-786-5135.  Due to the high volume of calls, please be patient and rest assured that a staff member will respond to you as soon as possible.  Thank you!

TO REQUEST BRAND NEW CURBSIDE COLLECTION SERVICE OR ADD AN ADDITIONAL TOTE:  this form needs to be completed:   New Curbside Collection Request Form

Curbside Collection Service Maps:

Bennington Curbside Collection Service Map

Castile Curbside Collection Service Map

Covington Curbside Collection Service Map

Eagle Curbside Collection Service Map

Gainesville Curbside Collection Service Map

Genesee Falls Curbside Collection Service Map

Middlebury Curbside Collection Service Map

Orangeville Curbside Collection Service Map

Pike Curbside Collection Service Map

Sheldon Curbside Collection Service Map

Town of Perry Curbside Collection Service Map

Village of Perry Curbside Collection Service Map

Warsaw Curbside Collection Service Map

Wethersfield Curbside Collection Service Map

*The following communities participate in the Wyoming County/Waste Management garbage collection program: Perry (Town & Village), Gainesville (Town & Village), Silver Springs, Castile (Town & Village), Bennington, Orangeville, Sheldon, Covington, Village of Wyoming, Middlebury, Warsaw (Town & Village), Genesee Falls, Pike, Eagle, and Wethersfield.   

WM truck with arm

Grant Opportunity

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is pleased to announce available New York State Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) funding for qualifying, private forestland owners.

Funds are to provide cost share reimbursement payments to forestland owners that implement approved forestry practice(s) that establish and/or protect tree regeneration on their forestland. This is a reimbursement cost share grant program.  All costs must be incurred by Landowner or fiscal sponsor prior to reimbursement.  For further details, visit this link:  DEC Grant Information 

Demographic Reporting

To better understand Wyoming County, please take a look at our Demographic Reports.