Individual Wastewater

Program Goal

To minimize contamination of surface and ground water by ensuring wastewater treatment systems are designed and constructed in accordance with Article IV of the Sanitary Code of the Wyoming County Health District and Appendix 75-A of the NYS Sanitary Code

Program Highlights

  • Conduct field testing (site review, percolation tests, topography, geology)
  • Design, review, and issue approvals for individual wastewater treatment systems.
  • Consult with engineers and contractors
  • Perform construction inspections on completed systems
  • Issues completed works certificate
  • Investigate complaints

Request Residential (Household) Sewage Disposal Permit

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Request Non-Residential (Commercial) Sewage Disposal Permit

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Sewage Disposal Permit Waivers

This office recommends that prior to any development of vacant land a comprehensive site plan be established as to the placement of buildings and infrastructures including the well and wastewater disposal systems serving the property. With this being noted this office also recognizes that not all properties that are developed need potable water and wastewater disposal systems to serve them. As a result the requirement to submit an Application for Sewage Disposal Permit and subsequent percolation test may be waived by completing the following Click Here.

For a Specific Waiver for Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems Click Here, For sites where proposed design cannot meet standards of Appendix 75-A due to existing conditions.