Posse / Mounted Division

Volunteer officers on horses carrying flags

Volunteer Group

The Wyoming County Sheriff's Posse is a volunteer non-for-profit corporation formed to render assistance to the Sheriff's Office or other public officials or entities. The Posse is instrumental in traffic and crowd control and spends many hours training at their facility. The volunteer members provide their own horse, trailer, equipment, and uniform while depending on donations to keep functioning. The Posse annually assists with large events including concerts, the Wyoming County Fair and other times when called upon.

Police Equestrian Events

In addition to aiding the Sheriff, the Posse competes in Police Equestrian events. Members of the competition have been honored to receive awards nationwide.

Membership or Donations

Anyone interested in the requirements for membership or in making a donation to this worthwhile organization should contact the Sheriff. Donations for competition are kept separate from those given to help defray costs of training and helping with police work.