Identification & Procedures

Proper Identification

Adults 18 years of age and older must have picture ID with date of birth.

1. Driver's license

2. Non-driver's license

3. Benefit card

4. Military identification

Items Allowed Into Visitation Room

Nothing will be allowed to enter the visitation room unless the Control Room Operator notifies the visitation officer before visit starts of any item(s) entering the visit room, and the visitation officer approves that item.

Metal Detector

a. Each visitor will be required to pass through the metal detector. Each visitor will be given two attempts to pass through. Any visitor unable to clear the magnetometer will be scanned with the handheld scanner. Any visitor unable to clear with the handheld scanner will be denied access.

b. Any item removed from a visitor to pass the scan cannot be put back on until after the visit.

c. Visitors will not be allowed to visit without footwear, appropriate pants, shorts or shirt.

d. Avoid wearing steel-toed shoes and brassieres with wire as they will set off the detector.

e. If you have surgically implanted metal, you must provide a note from your physician stating such.

A physician's note will also be required in order to enter the visiting area with a walking device such as a cane, walker or crutches.