County Clerk Services Listing & Resources

The County Clerk’s office acts as a library and serves as a resource area and research center for  the following:

  • Abstract Companies
  • Genealogists
  • Historians
  • Inmates
  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Municipalities
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Surveyors
  • Veterans

NOTICE: E-filed documents in Wyoming County will be available immediately for online public viewing through the New York State Court Electronic Filing system.

Searching for Supreme Court Records in the Wyoming County Clerk’s Office

Because not all case types are eligible for electronic filing, persons searching the public records of the Wyoming County Clerk’s Office must search both the Land Records Search and the NYSCEF website to obtain records.

Wyoming County Clerk Services

  • Apostilles and Certifications
  • Building Loans and Notice of Lending
  • Business Certificate filings of Certification of Incorporation, Partnership, and DBAs (Doing Business As)
  • Discharge of Mortgages
  • Employment and Background Criminal searches
  • Federal and State Tax Liens
  • Filing of Court Proceedings:
    • Article 78 Proceedings
    • Civil and Criminal Matters
    • Divorce Actions and Separation Agreements
    • Indictments
    • Judgements and Satisfactions
    • Writs of Habeas Corpus

  • Filing of Oaths of Office
  • Foreclosure filings
  • Issuing of Income/Property Executions
  • Map Filings - sub division, survey maps, highway and appropriations
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Miscellaneous filings - Power of Attorney, Easements, Right of Ways, Leases and miscellaneous land documents
  • Miscellaneous Liens
  • Naturalizations
  • Notary Filings and Test Information
  • Pistol Permits - Personal, Dealer, and Gunsmith Licenses
  • Processing of Passport Applications
  • Real Estate Transfers - filing of Deeds, Mortgages, etc.
  • Uniform Commercial Code filings