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Environmental Health

  1. Animal Bite Information Sheet
  2. Application for Permit to Operate
  3. Application for Sewage and/or Water System Inspection
  4. Application for Simulated Occupancy for Property Transfers
  5. Individual Water Supply wells: Application for the Installation of New and /or Replacement Potable Water Well

    Application for Appendix 5-B Approval

  6. On-Site Wastewater Disposal System Specific Waiver
  7. Schedule A: Documented Water Use Form

    For use in Simulated Occupancy Dye Testing

  1. Application for Non-Residential Sewage Disposal System
  2. Application for Residential Sewage Disposal System
  3. Application for Sewage Disposal Permit Waiver
  4. Community Dinner Permission Application

    Religious, fraternal, and charitable organizations who engage in fund-raising meals for the general public are required to fill out the... More…

  5. Nuisance Complaint Report Form
  6. Positive COVID-19 Home Test Reporting Form

    This form is for Wyoming County, NY residents ONLY. Please use this form to report your at-home performed COVID-19 positive test to... More…

Human Resources

  1. Application for Employment

    Wyoming County Employment Application

Planning Department

  1. Waste Management Complaint Form

    Please complete and submit this form for the incident you would like to report. We will do everything we can resolve this issue for... More…