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Environmental Health

  1. Animal Bite Information Sheet
  2. Application for Permit to Operate
  3. Application for Sewage and/or Water System Inspection
  4. Application for Simulated Occupancy for Property Transfers
  5. Individual Water Supply wells: Application for the Installation of New and /or Replacement Potable Water Well

    Application for Appendix 5-B Approval

  6. On-Site Wastewater Disposal System Specific Waiver
  7. Schedule A: Documented Water Use Form

    For use in Simulated Occupancy Dye Testing

  1. Application for Non-Residential Sewage Disposal System
  2. Application for Residential Sewage Disposal System
  3. Application for Sewage Disposal Permit Waiver
  4. Arcade Rabies Clinic Vaccination Form June 13, 2019

    Registration for Rabies Clinic at the Arcade Town Highway Department Thursday June 13, 2019. Online registrations will not be accepted... More…

  5. Nuisance Complaint Report Form
  6. Perry Rabies Clinic Vaccination Form June 4, 2019

    Registration for Rabies Clinic at the Perry Village Highway Department Tuesday June 4, 2019. Online registrations we not be accepted... More…