Wyoming County COVID-19 Vaccination Update:

Our clinics require pre-registration.  

Must be US Resident


Initial Vaccinations:  

Tuesday 7/5/2022 Single Dose Janssen  Single dose for those 18 years and older. 

Tuesday 7/5/2022 First Dose Moderna   First dose for those 18 years and older.

Wednesday 7/6/2022 First Dose Moderna 6 mo - 5 yrs   First dose for those 6 months to 5 years old.

Wednesday 7/6/2022 First Dose Pfizer 5yrs - 11yrs.   First dose for those 5 years to 11 years old.

 Call (585) 786-8890 to request vaccination for Single Dose Janssen vaccine.

First Booster Vaccination: 

Tuesday 7/5/2022 Moderna Booster     Recommended for those 18 years and older.

Wednesday 7/6/2022 Pfizer Booster 5yrs - 11 yrs     Recommended for those 5 years to 11 years.

Second Booster Vaccination  (For most people, this will be your fourth vaccination) 

Tuesday7/5/2022 Moderna Second Booster * Available for certain individuals (see below). 


There is no charge for COVID vaccines. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian that can provide consent. Please bring identification, proof of insurance and vaccination card (if you are receiving a second dose or booster).  Call 786-8911 with questions or if you need assistance registering.  

*Additional boosters are available for those over 50 years old, immunosuppressed 5 years and older, and those who have had both initial J&J vaccine and a J&J booster. Additional boosters are to be given no earlier than four months after the first booster. 

Home bound individuals may request home vaccinations. Call 585-786-8890 to schedule an appointment. Visits will be made as nurses are available. 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends anyone over 12 years of age receive a First Booster dose. Persons who are between 12 and 17 years old may only receive Pfizer booster.  The CDC recommended that Pfizer and Moderna are preferred over the J&J vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19.  A First Booster dose may be given 5 months after the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccination, or 2 months after a single dose of J&J vaccine.

If you are eligible (CLICK here for eligibility listing ) for a third dose because you are severely immune compromised, please call the office at 585-786-8890 to check availability. Certain immune compromised people 5 years and older are eligibility for a Pfizer third dose.