Youth Board

The Mission Statement

"The Wyoming County Youth Bureau in conjunction with the Youth Board is an advocate for children and youth created to improve the quality of life by providing structure, guidance, and leadership so they can become productive citizens for tomorrow."


The Youth Board consists of Community Members, Agency Representatives, and Wyoming County Youth and the powers, duties and responsibilities of the County Youth Board are:

1. To develop effective prevention and intervention policies and programs and determine the funding necessary, to further youth development; (to create partnership solutions without regard for organizational boundaries.)
2. Act as a voice for youth between the executive, administrative and other legislative bodies of the county and its subdivisions in respect to addressing youth issues and/or enactment of youth programs.
3. Encourage closer cooperation between county and local government, employers, labor, schools, churches, recreation commissions, state and local employment programs, service clubs, and other public and private agencies so as to stimulate opportunities for youth and encourage sound youth programs on the basis of community planning.
4. Review and analyze grants from the state, federal, county, or local governments or from private individuals, corporations or associations, and establish criteria for allocation of these funds to youth programs.
5. Review and analyze, accept or reject plans for the creation or expansion of leisure and youth service projects or other youth prevention programs as defined by the laws of the State of New York and make appropriate recommendations to the chief executive of the county and its subdivisions.
6. Receive, review and analyze statistical records and data, related to children, youth and families. Make necessary studies and recommendations for the needs of youth residing in the community served by the board.
7. Appoint such advisory groups and committees as may be necessary to carry out its power and duties.
8. Submit an annual report to the chief executives of the county.
9. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the chief executive of the county.