Food Service

Program Goal

To protect the public health, ensuring Owners and operators of food service establishments operate their premises in such a way to avoid imminent health hazards.

To provide inspection and educational services to food service operators, obtaining compliance with Subpart 14-1 of the State Sanitary Code.

Program Highlights

  • Issuance of permits for food service establishments
  • Inspections of food service establishments
  • In-service training for food service operators/employees
  • Investigations of food borne illness outbreaks
  • Investigation of complaints

Existing Food Service Establishments

To apply for a renewal permit to operate a Food Service Establishment Click Here to access our online application

Program Code / Documents

Notification of Community Dinner(s)

Religious, fraternal, and charitable organizations who engage in fund-raising meals for the general public are required to fill out the following form: Click Here. This notification must be done yearly.