Close up of dispatcher’s shoulder badge and desk keyboards

Communications & Dispatching

This is the backbone of the agency while also providing communications for many agencies. The eight full time dispatchers not only do all the dispatching for the Sheriff's patrols, but also for the four Village Police Departments.

Duties & Processes

Dispatchers also routinely assist State Police as needed. All 911 calls in Wyoming County are answered by these professionals and all the fire and rescue calls for the entire County are dispatched from this division. For all 911 emergency calls, the Sheriff and State Police patrols are polled for their location and the closest car(s) is always sent to the emergency. There are two Dispatchers assigned to every shift. The dispatchers are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers so in the event of a medical emergency, they will assist and instruct a caller of what and how to assist someone who is having a medical emergency.